About Us 

We are a small business located in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA.

We specialize in Novelty Kits and Detoxifying Products. We have a wide range of products and our goal is to provide very competitive prices. Despite being a small start-up retail store, our business has been growing since we started in 2017 and our commitment to customer satisfaction has enabled us to have regular returning customers.

We do have a store outlet. Although we are mainly an online-only store, those customers who wish to pick up their merchandise (Specially Wholesalers) can contact us via our phone numbers and arrange for their merchandise pickup.

Please note that we are not and we do not have a manufacturing arm. We do not make any of the products that we sell.

Warehouse and Storage:

Most of the products that we sell are heat sensitive. For this reason, our warehouse is climate controlled and we strictly follow the First in Last Out policy to rotate and keep the merchandise in its best condition.

If you have any question please feel free to drop us an email at detoxbase@gmail.com

If you wish to market your products on our website, please contact us at detoxbase@gmail.com

John Fu